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Tacoma Traffic Cameras & Flow Map  
Check Tacoma traffic flow and view traffic snapshots. Simply click on a camera location in the map to view a traffic snapshot. The map is updated approximately every 1.5 minutes. Use your browser's refresh/reload button to get the latest image.

Map of Tacoma Traffic Camera Locations
SR16, Tacoma Narrows Bridge (West) SR16, Tacoma Narrows Bridge (East) SR16/Pearl St SR16/S 19th St SR16/Center St SR16/Union Ave I5/SR16 Interchange I5/Pacific Ave I5/L St I5/Porter Way I5/54th at Fife I5/Port of Tacoma Rd I5/Puyallup River Bridge I5/Tacoma Dome I5/Yakima I5/S 38th St I5, S 72nd/74th St I5/84th St SR512/SR7 I5/SR512 Interchange I5/Bridgeport Way I5/Gravelly Lake Dr SR167/24th SR167/SR410 Interchange SR16/36th St (Gig Harbor) Seattle traffic flow & camera maps Washington State Department of Transportation

view Seattle traffic flow map & cameras

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